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Landing pages were originally created to focus the user to your end goal without distracting them in a content-heavy website.  Today many users want to learn more and investigate their options.  Your landing page should include basic information for your prospects to get answers to their most basic questions. 

Sections Included On Landing Page


Top Section will be your header, that includes logo and menu. Menu links will scroll to the section on your landing page.


Bottom most section, includes your copy right information, contact information and logo. Also incudes legal disclosures.

Top Hero

Your hero section appears immediately below your header. Includes image, text and a strong call to action.


Included is your contact information. Phone, Email, Address. Optional map is included with service area.

Optional Sections Choose 5


4 Section Features Section Use this to highlight what sets you apart from your competition


List up to 8 services you offer. Includes icon or image and description of your services The way you see this sectio.n


Add a form on your landing page to request information. Can be newsletter sign-up or quote request.


Include reviews or customers testimonials on your landing page to increase consumer confidence.

Before / After

Before after section incudes 1 visual example of the service you provide by showing before and after photo.


Showcase your team (up to 4 team members) Showcase experience, expertise, department and/or contact.


Help your prospects by offering FAQ's. Answer the most common questions you receive from customers.


Showcase your work in a gallery with images. You choose from grid based or slider based.

Review Request

Request reviews from your customers with an easy click, straight to your google review page.


Your timeline can include the history of your company or what the client can expect once they confirm services.

Price Table

Include a 1 page pricing table. Up to 20 items. Upgrades are available for larger price tables.


Include a portfolio of up to 10 images and/or projects. Showcase the work you want to book.


Showcase badges, awards and/or organizations you are a member. Showcase credentials & special training.


Showcase statistics that support your mission and vision to help consumers choose your company.

Link To Shop

If you already have a shopping website, link to your existing shopping cart for a seamless experience.


Include your mission statement and/or vision on your landing page. Give your visitors your WHY.

When Is A Landing Page The Best Choice?

Budget is the first reason we see businesses choose a landing page over a full website. The downfall is, you are giving the search engines less opportunity to find you with a single page.

What Is Included In A Landing Page?

Your landing page will include the 4 basic sections and then choose 5 more sections.


Landing Page
$ 999
One Time
  • Landing Page
  • Call To Action : Phone Call
  • 5 Sections Incuded
  • Section: Hero Section
  • Section: Services
  • Section: Features
  • Section: About
  • Section: Contact Us
  • Hosting $39/mo


Full Website
$ 2500
  • Up to 12 Pages
  • Call To Action : Phone Call and/or Form
  • Advanced Menu
  • Services Chicklets
  • Detailed Pages About Services
  • Testimonials
  • Features Section
  • Monthly Updates
  • Hosting $39/mo
Most Popular


Premium Website
$ 4500
  • Up To 24 Pages
  • Call To Action : Phone and/or Form
  • Sections Incuded
  • Accept Payments
  • Contract Signatures
  • Proposal > Invoice
  • Workflow
  • Weekly Updates (30 Minutes)
  • Hosting $99/mo


Yes, your site will be customized for you and your business needs.

Every website needs to have its place on internet, this is called hosting.  We do not build sites that we don’t host.

Yes, we can move your existing website and update it.  If your website is over 2 years old it is wiser to create a new website using the current technology.

Yes, you can edit and/or update your website.  Our hosting package includes 30 minutes of updates monthly.

Yes, we include security features to protect your website and client data.

Yes, email is included with your hosting.   Each packages offers email services.

We update all software at least once monthly.  you get 30 minutes of updates monthly for content.

Client Testimonials

“Thank you to Kim and her team! We went from having no web site to having something amazing, with tools available to us we didn't know existed. We are looking forward to seeing how our business grows with their incredible support. Thank you! Please call and see what this team can do for YOUR small business!”
Meader Overhead Door
“AMAZING!! Kim is AMAZING she truly CARES about your business, she is sincere in really wanting it to grow and succeed. AND the social media, graphics, workflow all the techy stuff is absolutely TOP NOTCH!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!.”
Danielle Desousa
“Kim is amazing! I had the privilege of encountering a remarkable businesswoman and I am beyond grateful for the exceptional service she provides, from the moment I stepped into the establishment, her professionalism and dedication are incredible. Obrigado. Uma pessoa incrível..”
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